Design process

Every design goes through several stages, though not always all of them are needed. The number of stages and the time needed for preparation depends on the size of the designed area and the complexity of the design.


First of all, we want to talk to you. We will ask you plenty of questions about your wants, needs, habits… We would like to see the plan of the property, especially if it hasn’t been built yet. If the area is already available, we will want to see it, make notes, take pictures, make measurements and more.

It is the first of several meetings we will arrange with you. The number of meetings will depend of the complexity of the design.


We prepare the concept plan of the area. This shows you in general our ideas about the area in question. Now is the time to discuss it and make major changes to the overall plan.

Master plan

The master plan is prepared for large designs. It is later divided into smaller parts that are designed in detail. It shows you the main objects, routes, paths etc.  At this phase of the design process, there is still time to discuss the important factors.

Detailed Plan

After you have accepted the concept and/or master plan, we prepare the detailed plan. We will make sure you like what we have planned before drawing the details. Now we can discuss the minor things in your project. The detailed plan contains the final position of the trees and herbaceous borders, benches, pergolas, paths etc.

Planting Plan

The planting plan follows the detailed plan. It contains all the plants used in the design together with the amount of specimens advised. The list of plants is attached. We make those plans clear and easy to read and use while shopping for plants and during construction works.

Technical Drawings

Technical drawings are prepared according to the needs of the client. They might include the exact dimensions depending on the project requirements. These drawings are prepared in AutoCAD and they can be delivered in electronic form as well as in print.

3D Visualisation

3D Visualisations show you the area in three dimensions, which helps you visualise the project after construction. It is drawn using a range of techniques, including AutoCAD, PhotoShop and hand drawing.

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