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A new design in portfolio

Kwiecień 19, 2010 21:04
posted by Marta

Jadorna has just finished a project in cooperation with the owners of a terraced house in Biedrusko, near Poznan. I hope that the garden built on the basis of our design will be a green oasis for the whole family in the coming years.

Please look at the drawings in the Portfolio section.

Spring has come, dear Sir and dear Madam!

Kwiecień 4, 2010 00:55
posted by Marta

The entry probably isn’t connected at all with gardens and greenery, but with my other passion – animals and zoological gardens (it’s a family trait).

A weekend visit to Wroclaw Zoo resulted in several sightings of the youngest inhabitants of the garden – including a newborn lamb, tiny goats and a multitude of young monkeys, among them the incredibly loudly howling… howler monkeys!

Verily, the spring has come to Wroclaw garden!

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