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Grudzień 28, 2009 08:55
posted by Marta

Marta; garden designer and biologist – both in education and with passion. I am fascinated by gardens, the rules for their design and the myriad of ways in which they affect human souls. I am also interested in programmes for graphic processing and design, it is amazing what you can use them to create!

I hate working from 9 to 5. I can’t stand an orderly way of life, every day the same routine. I hate it when someone tells me to do something without an ounce of sense and is a complete waste of time.

And so, my very own company.

At some point I came across the British school of Garden Design and I was struck by one thing: „Landscape & Garden Design” at university in Britain is in the department of design, along with interior design, graphic arts, and the visual arts. In Poland, it is exclusively a specialisation in horticulture or sometimes architecture fields. Therefore, the majority of companies are involved in both design and construction, whilst in the UK – design agencies often operate quite separately and independently of construction companies!

I have the overwhelming impression that such strict combination of horticulture and design affects the quality of the projects. It is not from my side pure megalomania or thoughtless copying of the West – just we can still learn a lot from the country of Gertrude Jekyll and Capability Brown.

That is why my desire, ambition and purpose of my business is the design of green gardens equal  in professionalism to the gardens at the Chelsea Garden Show. Or higher! Why not?

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